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Floral cover art for Someplace Generous: An Inclusive Romance Anthology, edited by Elaina Ellis and Amber Flame

Someplace Generous

An Inclusive Romance Anthology

Elaina Ellis (Editor)  Amber Flame (Editor)

Preorders ship May 28, 2024



Publish Date

May 28, 2024


5.25 X 8.0 X 0.79 inches | 0.51 pounds







Someplace Generous—a vibrantly diverse and inclusive anthology of romantic short stories—can be described in one word: yes.

This first book from Generous Press, a new imprint committed to changing the face of romance genre-fiction, is a collection of twenty-two never-before-published stories about joy, passion, and generous consent.


In these pages, desire is centered and explored through queer, trans, Black, AAPI, Latinx, Jewish, disabled, and neurodivergent lenses, and the ages of authors and characters span generations.

The brilliant authors herein have spun lush, poetic tales featuring characters and perspectives historically excluded from romance narratives. Through a variety of styles, lengths, and subgenres—ranging from flash-fiction to short stories, speculative to satire to romcom—there is something here for every kind of reader.


Two Modern Orthodox Jewish women cross a magical threshold on the holiday of Shavuot. A Chinese American grandmother in a nursing home plays matchmaker, just in time for the Lunar New Year. A nonbinary sexworker with psychic abilities helps an older woman connect with her long-lost lover. Two disabled young adults find new levels of intimacy as they work to overcome shame. An enslaved couple jumps the broom and can see the future, which is freedom.


The lovers in Someplace Generous—whether they are sapphic vampires or undercover super-heroes, teenagers, or middle-aged mamas—choose each other, and along the way, they choose themselves, too.


Featuring twenty-two stories by twenty-two authors, Someplace Generous presents voices largely new to the genre of romance-fiction, each bringing a fresh take on what it means to tell a love story.

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