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Novel Proposal Submission

Generous Press romance fiction is defined by five characteristics

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Guidelines for novel proposals

  • Novel proposals are an opportunity to tell us what you're working on, and show us what you're capable of. Below you will be asked to describe your romance novel-in-progress, and submit a 10-page work sample.

  • Work sample can be either an excerpt from your novel, or a previously completed work (published work okay) that gives us a sense of what you're capable of. 

  • Submissions should be double-spaced, using 12-point font. Pages must be numbered. 

  •  All submissions should include a title page listing  a title for your book-in-progress or work sample, author name, word count, and author contact information.

  • You may optionally include a cover letter in addition to sample and title page, contextualizing the excerpt you've provided.

  • Please notify if you need to withdraw the work due to acceptance elsewhere or any other reason. 

Tell us about your novel

In 1000 words or less, respond the following prompts and questions (brevity is appreciated):

  1. Title of your book-in-progress

  2. Brief summary

  3. Where are you in your writing process? Are you brainstorming, outlining, a few chapters in, or almost finished? What kind of support might you need from an editorial team to make this book happen?

Upload a 10-page sample: an excerpt from your novel in progress OR a writing sample that represents what you’re capable of.

Upload your manuscript in PDF or Word format. Document title should be titled "Author Name_Book Title" with your name and title filled in.

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